Wednesday, August 3, 2016

8.3.2016 The weather in Grande Prairie

Last night, August 2, 2016, we were at the church, meeting with the Stake President, who has been out of town since we got here. We got there in a torrential downpour. This video is not going to play, but it shows the rain pouring down and spilling over the gutters at the church.

When we came out it wasn't raining as hard, but the parking lot was full of water.

This was the road in front of the church. The man is up to his knees in water. We were prevented from getting back to the highway because there were too many cars stranded and the road was closed.


This view is the other corner from the church. The man down the road by the stranded red car is almost waist deep.

We were able to turn right and proceeded to go home. We ended up doing quite a few detours.

It rained 9.2mm in two hours which is 3.6". We had some mud washed into our parking space, but our ground level apartment was high and dry. We feel so blessed. There were some flooded basements in Grande Prairie, but no one was injured.

The temperature today was 22 C. That is 72 F. Not bad, but with all the moisture it was REALLY humid. And there are lots of big mosquitoes.

We had another tender mercy happen today. We were finally able to turn some of our American money into Canadian cash. Just in case we ever need a loonie or toonie for something like a parking meter, or the like.

Oh, yes. Our meeting with President Cherwak confirmed what we have been led to believe. We are the Stake YSA advisors. We are going to build the YSA program. "If we build it, they will come." We have 12 who have been to the three meetings since we got here. We will rally these troops and get all the other YSA that could be here to come. We need fun activities and events. And when we get that going, we will get the others in the outer branches in the stake organized. There are fewer there. But, hey, we should at least have great activities for them to do the Saturday before Stake Conference.

We could use any ideas that have worked for any of you, or that you know about, and we will pass them on to these great young single adults.

We hope you will get cooler weather soon. We love and miss all  of you.
Sister Brown, Robyn, Mom, and Grandma

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