Friday, September 16, 2016

This is what we do.

I'm sorry it has been so long since we updated our blog. We are fitting into a routine and it is busy. I think it is because we are new, and the mission president is new. Our second zone conference had interviews the night before. We were doing lots of things with YSA (Young Single Adult, 18-30 years old) in Grande Prairie, but not going to many meetings. That changed. Plus, the Stake President thought about it and decided we should also teach Institute, and we are.

Last Sunday was a Worldwide YSA Devotional broadcast from Washington D.C., via satellite. Yay, I now know how to set up the satellite for any broadcast. We started with a potluck supper and then watched the broadcast, followed by our first Institute class. Elder Brown taught the first lesson. We did not have everyone who could have been there in attendance. But we will build.

But the Friday before we had the biggest crowd we have ever had to an activity. It was the first YSA activity not on Monday. Monday is FHE (family home evening) with the YSA. We attend but are not in charge of it. We facilitate other activities on other nights. At the first activity we had a make your own pizza night. Everyone made a pizza, played silly games and had a fun time.

Everything is ready.

Lots of activity. Some were heart shaped.

The sister Missionaries were there because of the 3 investigators. One was new today.

One of the games involved stickers. Elder Brown had the most.

We will be going to the other branches and help the YSA get started in their areas. We would like to get it all done before the snow hits. But time is now a little more limited. On the first and third Sundays we are in meetings from 7:00 am until 4:00 pm. We go home for dinner and then go back to Institute which will start at 6:30. It is a long day. On the other Sundays we have meetings from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and then Institute. But, you know what, it is not bad. It keeps us busy, but we are enjoying it.

There are two meetings on Saturday. We go to a long term care center to visit a man named Chris. I am going to have another blog on Chris.

Each week is District meeting and we skype with the other companionships in the district. At least once a month we get together for district meeting all together. When it is British Columbia, Elder Brown and I drive the Zone Leaders and the Sisters so they don’t have to use up their allotted kilometers to get there. It is a long day, but with good company. There are four companionships and then us.

At this District Meeting in Dawson Creek, BC, we played chair soccer.

If you are sitting down, you are out.

Elder Brown is going at it. He kept up with them on all rounds. Obviously I'm out, I'm taking the pictures.

This week has been transfers. Every missionary companionship in our District has a new Sister or Elder. And we have a new set of missionaries. So now we will have five. We have a Tagalog Companionship. They will be servicing all of Grande Prairie Stake, the whole zone. There are a lot of investigators, and members, from Philippines. Sister Lacno is from the Philippines but she couldn’t possibly keep up teaching them all.

There is a zone conference every 6 weeks. Our first one was on the second day after we got here. The second zone conference was six weeks later. And our third one is next week. Time is going fast.

That is filling you in on the hows and whys. But, our mission is so much more than that. We are having spiritual experiences as well. So many of these YSAs do not come to church. Some come to FHE. A lot have moved, and some are just lost. I found 1 last week on Facebook and 2 this week. We make contact with them and send them messages about their jobs and hobbies. We visit them at work. We take lots of treats. In essence, we love them and pray for them. The other people at YSA are happy to see them at activities and welcome them and play with them. And, when they come to church we get so excited. They are starting to remember Christ and feel the love He has for them. Some of them never had a firm footing, but they are building new footing. And it is equally exciting when we have investigators. These are people who are just learning about their Brother Jesus Christ and their Heavenly Father. It is fun and fulfilling to be part of this work.
I mentioned treats. I do a lot of baking. I am in to my second 10 kilo bag of flour and my second 5 kilo bag of sugar. I make lots of cookies, some cakes, brownies, and sweet rolls. I have made tapioca pudding and I’m collecting recipes for gluten free treats. The missionaries are always glad to get treats, and the YSA knows I’m good to fill in when someone is out of town. Other people we visit like them, too.

I have more material for blogs and I will get them sent soon. Until then, know that I love and miss you all.

Mom, Grandma, Robyn and Sister Brown

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