Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Grande Prairie Stake YSA at Hogwarts

We have been plunged back into the deep freeze. Today is February 5, and the temperature when we woke up this morning at 6:30 was -27 F feels like -42. We put the liners back in our parkas and put on the long johns.

The Stake YSA just had the winter quarter party, yesterday. Hogwarts Winter Semester In A Day. Everybody had a fun time. It was our record turnout, 18. And there were 9 leaders, also a record. It was good weather, no snow or freezing rain, and it was cold. Only 1 YSA came from more than an hour away.

King's Cross Station


 Hogwart's Express

      The Great Hall ready for sorting and the Feast.                   Ravenclaw House

       Looking for Horcruxes.                     Don't step on the spiders leaving Hogwarts.

                                                 Fun things in Diagon Alley.
                      We get to make our own.                      My wand is prettier than yours.

                                                                                            Avoid Moaning Myrtles Lavatory
Don't be late for Potions Class . . .

    but, stop and get Butterbeer                  and visit Honeydukes.

It is time to play Quidditch, but we can't use our brooms inside.

Wizard Chess is ready to be played

                                      There should be a winner soon.                                          

Send an owl about the escaped Wizards.


YSA from Valley View

We love all these YSA. We are so glad we get to associate with them. We didn't know we would be doing YSA until we got to Edmonton. President Pattison met us and said he was sending us to Grande Prairie and we would be working with YSA, among other things. We would have brought so many things with us if we had known. We know we are doing what Heavenly Father wants us to do. We are making friends for life and they will keep us young. We love our mission. We learn things everyday. We are in the second go around of deep freeze weather. And we know we will survive. We hope all of you are enjoying winter. We love you.

Robyn, Mom, Grandma, and Sister Brown

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  1. That looks so fun! What a great job on all the details! Wish we could've come.