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Yellowknife Festivals

Yellowknife Festivals

Yellowknife is amazing. There is such a wonderful culture here, with the First Nations, the mining culture, the Northwest Territory seat of government, the many and diverse artists, all the water, all the rocks, the long days, float planes and houses built on the water. There are many festivals, both in the summer and winter. This blog will try to show some.

Right after we got here was Victoria Day. We still didn't know our way around. We heard the name Somba Ke' e, but didn't know that it was the large park on the shore of Frame Lake, near the Legislative Building, the Museum, City Hall, and the RCMP Headquarters. It is actually 1 1/2 blocks from our house. That is where it happens. Anyway, we missed Victoria Day celebrating.

Our first experience was walking out of our alley onto Franklin Ave. and joining a street festival for Solstice. It was in the winding down stages. There were food vendors and craftsmen.

 About 9 pm.

Franklin Avenue is the main drag through town. A lot happens on this street.

We drove out at midnight to witness the longest day of the year. It was 19 hours, 59 minutes and 14 seconds of daylight. Even when the sun went down it stayed light. 

We first drove to Niven Lake and the view was better from the highway.

Fred Henne day use area on Long Lake had good views.

Peaking through the trees at Long Lake.

This is looking at Yellowknife from the other side of Frame Lake. The sun had set, but it was still lighting up the tops of the buildings.

This is the south end of Franklin Avenue. That is the sidewalk. It is 1:20 a.m.

The next day was Aboriginal Day. It was such a fun day. We got to Somba Ke'e early. 

The native drummers are gathering.

Here they are singing.

People are getting into the dance.

At 8:24 a.m. there were hundreds of people dancing in Yellowknife. At the same time there were hundreds of people dancing in eight other locations of the territories.

The two women on stage performing, are throat singers. I wish there was a way for you to hear them.

 At 1:00 p.m. we went to the Aven Center, the place where we volunteer. We helped many of the senior residents go back to Somba Ke'e to the fish fry sponsored by the First Nation Association. 

She got all ready and had to wait while we gathered other residents. She was dressed warmly for the outing. The temperature at that time was 60 F.

 Getting the bus loaded.

The Elders already ate, but are getting ready to go back for more fish.

We had a fun day.

Canada Day

The day started with a parade on Franklin. It was so easy to get there. We don't have to drive and had a great spot to watch right at the end of our alley.

           RCMP                                       Pipers in NWT tartan                              Cadets

Convertibles in Yellowknife, but I'm not showing all of them.

Other vehicles, 4 wheelers and such.

These are violinists, playing.

Lots of different kind of trucks.

HORSES!!! and two little goats in the yellow vehicle. The only domestic animals other than dogs and cats. There are no others. There are no pastures, no grazing. Just rocks. 

And their luxury trailer.

Senior Society

Aurora is a resort.

First Nation drummers and singers.

Tumblers. This little girl recently got baptised, and her mother is the tumbling instructor.

First Responders.

The parade was much longer. I loved this parade. It represented the whole community. Some of the entries threw candy to the kids. But the local grocery stores and drug store had employees walking with their grocery carts passing out Canada Day swag, apples, oranges, bananas, and popsicles. 

Canada Day Party at Somba Ke'e
There were speeches and entertainment happening on the stage. One interesting thing was everything was announced or introduced in three languages. Once in English, again in French, and again in one of the First Nation languages. There are 11 official languages in Yellowknife.

These girls unfurled a huge Canadian flag. 

Lots of people. A lot of them were wearing red.

Scottish Dancers                                                This little blue cart is the Book Mobile.

We watched some acrobats at the amphitheatre. They were good.

Cutest little RCMP                                          

Float plane Fly In

Some of these float planes are always here. Many came from out of town for the fly-in. I'm not sure what they did. They were parked everywhere on the lake and they took off and landed. We didn't go to the event with all the hundreds of people to see what it was they were actually doing.

Folk on the Rock

Rosy and the Riveters from Montreal. Great 40's group. Only group I took a picture of at Somba Ke'e
We saw four groups perform. The main stage was at Long Lake. The festival lasted 3 days. And we didn't attend that venue.

That is some of the stuff that has been happening this summer so far. There is always something. The museum has neat things. There was a demonstration of sewing with fish scales for three days. Another time there were First Nation teaching how to make tools out of stones. And there is a cool Farmer's Market. That is for another Blog. 

We live close to Somba Ke'e and walk over there and mill around. People talk to us and ask us questions. We had one just Tuesday. He says, "Well you see, uh, I uh... The short story. I was a member of the Mormon Church until I was 18. My Mom is going to be coming to Yellowknife and she will want to go to church. Is there a Mormon Church here?" We had a fun time talking to him and answering his question. "Yes, there is a Mormon Church in Yellowknife." We love serving our mission in Yellowknife. It is a great place to live, and a great place to visit. It is a definite destination for tourists. They come for the long days in the summer and the festivals. They come in the winter for the aurora borealis and the festivals. We love meeting some of them at church.There are a few things we won't see that happen from January to April, but it is OK. Maybe we will come for a visit someday. Our mission is over at the end of the year. We entered the MTC on July 4, 2016 and 18 months is over on January 4, 2018. We have a lot to do before we go home. And there are more blogs to write. Until then.

Sister Brown, Mom, Grandma and Robyn

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